Cisco Air Systems – Web Redesign and SEO Optimization

Cisco Air Systems is an Ingersoll Rand air compressor dealership and distributor serving southern California and parts of Nevada.

Customer Challenges:

The existing website was neither visually pleasing nor mobile-friendly, and it was difficult to navigate. This, combined with a variety of search engine optimization strategies risking penalties from search engines, meant that the site was difficult to find and even harder to use.

Furthermore, Cisco Air Systems had significant inventories of used equipment that were not included on the website, and any equipment that was listed was not indexable by search engines.

Digital Harvest’s Solution:

We performed an initial evaluation, after which we proposed a full rebuild and restructure of the website. We developed a design concept that would match Cisco’s locally promoted brand, trucks, and offices.

We also reorganized their web content to make it more easily found by search engines and browsing customers. To better serve their used equipment sales needs, we built a new sales section and updated all of their listings.


The rebuild resolved many search engine optimization issues that had been keeping traffic down. It also improved the load speed, making the site easier and quicker for customers to navigate. The new design and architecture also made the site mobile-friendly, opening it to more customers and improving its search engine rankings.

We established call tracking for Cisco, to allow them to gain intelligence on the source, duration, and origin of their inbound calls. This helped them to better understand their customer base and where they should invest most in advertising.

Key Services Provided:

    • Web Design
    • SEO Analysis
    • Web Development
    • WordPress Programming
    • Content Writing
    • Mobile Optimization
    • Call Tracking
    • Analytics and Reporting