Air Centers of Florida


Air Centers of Florida provides compressed air solutions in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and throughout Florida.

Customer Challenges:

The customer’s website had poor search engine exposure in key markets, making it difficult for potential customers to find the company. Regardless of whether these markets had bricks-and-mortar offices or not, they needed Google and other search engines to show their services to prospective customers.

The lack of search engine exposure was causing Air Centers of Florida to lose repair requests, sales opportunities, and the ability to grow.

Digital Harvest’s Solution:

We began with an initial audit that illustrated the customer’s exposure in key target markets. This audit identified a series of issues with their website. We developed recommended solutions to each issue, reviewed them with the client, and decided on a plan of action.

Over the course of six weeks, Digital Harvest implemented the changes to the website.


The results were fantastic! In many of the key target markets where the previous website had no exposure, the new updated website began ranking in the top five results, and in many cases, the top three. New customer calls for all key markets also increased.

Digital Harvest’s solution continues to provide new customers for Air Centers of Florida long after the initial engagement ended.

Key Services Provided:

    • Local Search Marketing
    • SEO Analysis
    • Web Development
    • Content Writing
    • Strategic Consulting
    • Analytics and reporting