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Website Maintenance & Code Repairs

A lot of site owners struggle with mishaps and inconsistencies on their website. Things that seem trivial can have a very big impact on the big picture and hurt your online ability to drive traffic or create revenue.

We’ve helped countless business owners by evaluating their website and providing a solution to repair what was broken.

Some site owners may not even realize they have a problem until we expose some of the flaws on their site, which hurt their revenue-generating potential.

Exposing site flaws and errors is what our website evaluation service is designed for.

Aside from other uncommon repair cases we can assist with, some of the repair cases we frequently encounter can be summed up as follows:

Site Cleanups

Is your site in need of a cleanup? Do you have junk code and links that lead nowhere?
Is your layout cluttered and confusing to your visitors?
We can help turn your online challenges into a masterpiece.


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Increase Site Load Speed

Is your site struggling to load?
For users and web traffic this is a huge red flag and could be killing your business.
Your site needs to load fast and maintain the user’s interest so they don’t return to Google and find your competitors.


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Virus and Malware Removal

Viruses aren’t just for home computers anymore. The truth is hackers are probing the web constantly to find exploitable vulnerabilities.
If you have a website — you are a target.

How can you tell if your website you are a target.
How can you tell if your site has malware?


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Database Issues

MySQL databases can pose challenges to your site function and cripple its usability.
Our technicians can take a look and investigate what’s going on.


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Web Form Repairs

Forms have proved to increase the number of contacts from prospects and customers.
But what if you’ve stopped getting leads and contacts and inquiries because your forms are broken?
This can have a huge negative impact on your business and sales.


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