I’ve worked with Jason on a number of projects over the past two decades, engaging with him on programs of varying size and complexity, from large corporations to small business opportunities and 1:1 consulting engagements.

Jason has mastered how to close the loop for marketing, filtering strategy into meaningful lead generation tactics, and delivering insights into program results.

Highly analytical as well as keenly perceptive, Jason is highly adept at identifying opportunities for improvement and determining the right course of action to achieve desired results.

Jason is like a marketing first responder: when you need a highly skilled, adaptable, and solution-based problem solver – call him.

Beth Jensen
Sr. Director of Marketing Operations

We have been extremely happy working with Jason on our Google AdWords account.

Through his efforts, AdWords has become a major revenue generator for our company.

Jason takes time to understand the business, which is a huge differentiator from other companies we’ve worked with in the past. We (I) highly recommend!

Jennifer Tenor
Marketing Coordinator

Jason and his team at Digital Harvest was directly responsible for bringing in an extra $20,000 a year to my bottom line.

We are now getting calls from larger companies and I’ve built a team to handle the extra business.

Prior to our work together the web produced nothing for us.

Wayne Crossley
Southshore Handyman

We’ve worked with Jason for over a decade.

The team at DH Media have always been very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

His experience in our industrial market has helped us tremendously, ranking at the top of Google searches in the competitive Charlotte and Knoxville markets.

We can’t recommend their services enough!

Samantha Woody
Director of Marketing
Atlantic Forklift Services

I have been working on web marketing with Jason from Digital Harvest for over two years.

He helped me develop an emarketing strategy and helps me enhance and optimize my website and email campaigns to improve visitor engagement, conversions, and seo.

I am very pleased with the results and our working relationship.

Michael Pfeifer
Industrial Metallurgists

Jason and his team at DH Media worked with Atlantic Forklift Services from the beginning.

The team at DH Media have always been very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

His experience in the material handling market has kept us at the top of Google rankings in the very competitive market in the Charlotte, NC area.

We would recommend DH Media’s services to anyone!

Keith Driscoll
Atlantic Forklift Services

Our online presence has skyrocketed since we signed up with Digital Harvest!

Our revenue numbers continue to climb and most is directly due to the work of Jason and his team.

Roy Lawrence
Integral Lift

Digital Harvest is on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

They are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

I highly recommend contacting Jason for any of your companies digital needs!

James Ballard

As a customer of Digital Harvest, our experience could not have been better.

As a start up, we needed assistance developing requirements for our new company.

We were able to work with the owner of the company directly which enabled us to get quick decisions and clear explanations for our expectations.

Jason made great recommendations and provided lessons learned in order to assist us in securing the best possible solution at a cost within our comfort zone. Jason stayed in constant communication throughout the project and was willing to remain flexible with our change requests.

Our expectations were far exceeded with his unparalleled experience, professionalism, and ability to provide a solution that met our needs on time and within budget.

We continue to use Digital Harvest for a myriad of services and have continued to refer them to other business owners.

Digital Harvest has provided our company with a long term partnership for future needs.

David Boatenhammer

I found Jason from Digital Harvest to be an excellent provider of web design /maintenance and advice.

DH revamped an organization’s entire website, that I was involved with.

They also migrated my website from one server to another and to a different domain url. Very efficient and personable.

Rande Freedman

Our company wanted to enhance our digital footprint to facilitate our expansion in to the South Tampa market.

The Digital Harvest team was responsive, transparent, cost efficient and clearly knowledge experts.

They provided customized solutions for targeted demographics, a strategic SEO plan and high quality products (landing pages, website).

The head of DH, Jason Lexell, is honest, collaborative and thorough and it has been an enjoyable experience working with his team.

Tom Myette
Opinicus Wealth Management

I have had the pleasure of working with Jason Lexell at Digital Harvest since 2013.

I want to express how pleased I have been with the work he and his company have done to create and manage my website.

I have found the Digital Harvest team to be down to earth and easy to communicate with…which is no surprise since that is Jason’s style and he is their leader.

Because of the results I have received and the trust that has been built, I have referred several clients to DH.

I look forward to continuing our relationship and working with DH to grow my business further.

Paul Winters
Paul Winters Productions LLC

He’s amazing, it was such a pleasure working with Jason.

Stephanie Santiago
South Shore Financial Group

Jason helped our insurance agency’s name change nightmare be less painful. He is a Google search expert.

Eneida Martinez

Jason is crestive and professional. He provides instruction for the administrator(s) via video which is so helpful.

He has worked on several of my friends websites and all of them highly praise his work.

Jeanne Burkeson
Square-One Inspection Service, LLC

Excellent Professionalism, superior knowledge and expertise, friendly customer service and expert advice in creating and designing a highly effective web presence.

A wonderful collaborative experience!

William (Bill) Jones
Independent Consultant

We would like you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company has provided us.

As you know when Debbie and I meet with you on our first meeting we were a little to say behind on the times of the computer world.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding of answering questions we had and are grateful for the way you conduct business.

We will recommend your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service.

We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

Ralph Perez

Ralph Perez
Ralph Perez Body Repairs, Inc

I think Jason could be an amazing resource for the growth of Integral Lift.

He’s pretty much a badass when it comes to territory/local focus and he’s blown my mind with cool Google stuff I didn’t even know existed… well, every time I talked to him, honestly.

Brianna Bond

Just wanted to let you know that AFS is getting at least 3 calls a day from just Googling us, so it’s all working great!

Keith said there is a new customer almost every day on their white board.

Samantha Woody
Director of Marketing
Atlantic Forklift Services

Digital Harvest is on the cutting edge of digital marketing. They are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

I highly recommend contacting Jason for any of your companies digital needs!