Fully Managed WordPress Hosting That Comes With a Website Maintenance Support Plan

Digital Harvest offers fully managed WordPress hosting, we take care of all the technical stuff so you can focus on your business.

Not Just Hosting

Through our interaction over the years with numerous clients we have seen a need for a reliable and specialized hosting service that also comes with the right support plan.

The hosting part of your website is only a small part of the process of managing your website, there is more than meets the eye to make sure everything stays running as it should.

We keep things running at peak performance behind the scenes, but we’re also there for you to assist if something goes wrong, or if you need to make content edits on your website.

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Digital Harvest Hosting Got You Covered

If you have a small website or run a larger website, we got you covered, our hosting technology is set up with Google Cloud to create a platform that’s scalable, resilient, and incredibly fast!

Our hosting plans come with a fully featured Website Maintenance plan to give you piece of mind and allows you to focus your attention and energy where it matters … running your business!

WordPress Hosting FAQ

The technical bits and pieces that comes with hosting for a website is something we take care of, that means you don't have fill in the role as server administrator as this is most likely out of the realm of your expertise.

We optimize the server infrastructure, handle caching at the server level and make sure your website is resolving super fast.

We Manage Security:

Proactive scanning of client websites, blocking hacking attempts, we do all this at the server level without involving our clients in the process.

Added to that, in the event something goes wrong we have everything in place to quickly roll back your website to the moment where your website was running smoothly.

Software Updates

From time to time WordPress releases updates that are either feature upgrades or also include security related fixes that we implement in a timely manor