Listening Platforms: How Can They Impact Lead Generation Efforts w/Israel Kloss

Up until recently, marketing in the digital age has been a one-sided conversation, with businesses shouting at the masses, hoping their products and services align with consumer needs. But with the advent of social media, the conversation is now a real dialogue and a transaction that demands true engagement.

Some of the most important and rapidly-evolving tools that can help businesses gain awareness into their target market are listening platforms. These platforms capture social data and analyze its content through text analytics. With the aid of listening platforms, an organization can take social intelligence and turn it into actionable business insights.

To be more specific, listening platforms such as <a href=””>Radian6</a> and <a href=””>Cymfony</a> from <a href=””>Visible Technologies</a> and Cymfony can track any big themes emerging from a particular industry, as well as monitor a brand’s social media marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

Listening platforms also offer tremendous value in their ability to identify potential leads and opportunities for expanding relationships with current clients. And the next generation of these intelligence tools will be able to predict the probability of consumer actions by using “insight generation analysis” and behavioral pattern matching.

What does all of this mean? It means better quality customers talk a certain language, and if you can measure that, you can automate it.

<a href=””>Israel Kloss</a> has a passion for getting sales off the ground through technical solutions and data mining. Having been involved in <strong>3 startup companies, one specifically that saw a 500% sales increase in 3 months thanks to his installation of a listening platform</strong>, he knows what works and what doesn’t in today’s digital marketing landscape. Through his website <a href=””></a>, he consults on listening platforms as well as marketing automation and predictive analytics.

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Jason Lexell

Jason Lexell
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