Subject Lines that Sell! 28 Strategies for Writing Email Subject Lines that Get Results.

Have you ever wondered why so few emails you send to your customer base ever get opened? It’s likely you’ve not taken the time to craft an email subject that will get your audience to take notice and take action.

Don’t fall into the trap of investing loads of time and money to use email marketing and then squander this opportunity.

Your subject line is the cutting edge of your email campaign and it needs to be good. In this book you will learn some strategies to help you improve your subject line and boost your results.

Are Too Many of Your Emails Getting Deleted Before they are Ever Opened?
“… What if You Could Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Your Email Open Rates and Email Marketing Results Just by Learning a Few Proven Subject Line Writing Techniques?”

Based on what I see in my inbox every morning, the majority of email marketers still don’t get it. They’ve learned to become content with horrible open rates and have resorted to Spamming huge lists to see tiny returns.

Did you know the email subject line is one of the most critical components to any email marketing campaign? Most marketers treat the subject line as a small detail and pay dearly in results.

In a survey conducted by Opt-in News, 35% cited the subject line as the main factor in determine whether they would open the email. Other than the “from” line, the subject line is often the only thing people see in their inbox.

  • Discover how to explode your email open rates
  • Learn how to stand out from junk mail.
  • Find out how to increase your campaign ROI
  • Learn how to keep your emails from getting instantly deleted
  • Find out why most subject lines fail
  • Read and analyze dozens of sample subject lines and see why they work
  • If you promote your products or services via email this is a must read!

In my ebook Subject Lines that Sell, I’ll show you how to write a winner using proven secrets and strategies that will motivate your audience to open and read your message.

In this guide you will find 28 strategies to help get your audience to open you email message and increase their interest in what you have to say.

Reader Feedback:

Amazing! I learned a great deal and was able to quickly apply what I learned to start improving my email open rates. The examples were great!

– Aaron Wall –

“Great tips. I read this because I needed a way to improve the open rates on client campaigns. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to boost their open rates and generate better campaign performance.”

– Ab Emam – Dialog Concepts

“Well done and so true. I wish I’d read this sooner. As an email list broker for one of the web’s top list companies I highly recommend this to anyone in email marketing.”

– Steve Alembik – SMA Communications

“I found the strategies Jason highlights and great subject line samples to be most helpful. Definitely worth it.”

– Jee Sipper- Better Business Bureau Online

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